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All About ANGELS

myTEAM TRIUMPH - Chi-Town Chapter promotes health, teamwork and community and requires the involvement of many people with diverse abilities and disabilities. Athletes that push and pull the team Captain are referred to as "ANGELS".

Volunteering your time and ability helps make racing possible for those less able. We at myTEAM TRIUMPH - Chi-Town Chapter are committed to providing the best experience for all participants. As such, we would like to make you aware of a few things that we do differently:

  • As you are aware, there is a significant cost involved with purchasing equipment & participating in races, so we recommend that Angels raise or pledge a minimum of $100 per calendar year, with specific fundraising goals to be set based on each race.
  • For all our races, WE REGISTER ONLY OUR CAPTAINS, not our Angels. This allows the race to be all about the Captain as their results will be the ones posted. This also alleviates any confusion from a timing standpoint.
  • Our format is to have at least 2-3 ANGELS PER SEGMENT of any race. This guarantees that the Captain finish the race should one of the Angels have any difficulty completing their segment.
  • As much as possible, we expect the team of Angels per Captain to STAY TOGETHER. This not about the fastest race time, but about making a team effort to complete the course. If you do pull ahead for a short segment of the race, make sure you allow for the rest of your team to catch up.
  • It is imperative that the TEAM FINISH TOGETHER. If you are in the lead, try not to pull ahead at the finish line. The Angel pushing the Captain will take the lead.
  • As soon as you cross the finish line, try not to disrupt the flow of other race finishers. CLEAR THE FINISH AREA for pictures or interviews. Do not walk your Captain across the finish line unless approved by myTEAM TRIUMPH - Chi-Town Chapter and the Race Director AHEAD OF TIME.

Click Here to Register to be an Angel. This does not gaurantee you a spot at any particulat race. You will need to use register for each event you would like to participate in.